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The Parenting Well Series - Talking About Sex with Our Kids with Cath Hakanson

February 04, 2022 Deanna Mason & Cath Hakanson Season 11 Episode 202
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
The Parenting Well Series - Talking About Sex with Our Kids with Cath Hakanson
Show Notes

For many parents, sex is a challenging topic to tackle with kids.

We live in a culture that does a very good job with providing access to sex topics, images, opinions, and experiences, but a poor job in navigating the devastating aftermaths of the trauma of "too much too soon" our children deal with - leaving them with so many feelings and questions.

Do our kids dare ask us, their Christian parents, about any of it? Is it taboo to share about their sexuality in the home? Are their friend groups a safer space for them to inquire and explore?

As a parent of teens, my answer to this question is, "Well dang, I hope not, but I honestly don't know."

Here's the thing - sex is beautiful... at least it should be beautiful... because it was created by a God who only makes beautiful things.

And it's my dream as a mother for my kids to enjoy healthy, pleasurable, amazing sex with their spouses one day.

So, I'm thinking I have to jump in there and do all I can to make sure I combat the secular approaches to sex that I know my kids have access to, with the beauty of God's intended desires around it - tearing down the walls of shame and embarrassment, and cultivating green pastures of freedom and peace.

In Episode 2 of The Parenting Well Series, Mom, Author, and Sex Therapist Cath Hakanson and I are chatting about the importance of learning how to talk to our kids about sex, no matter their age or if you feel like that ship has sailed and you're too late to the game.  Join us as we explore how to gently guide a child's sexual character and values in order to give them the best chance of enjoying healthy, godly sex when it's time.

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My PDF on books Eddie and I have used with our children over the years.
Christian Sex Education Books to Read with Your Kids - download the PDF by clicking here.
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