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The Parenting Well Series - Navigating Challenging Behaviors with Melissa Corkum

February 11, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 11 Episode 203
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
The Parenting Well Series - Navigating Challenging Behaviors with Melissa Corkum
Show Notes

I'm ready to bet that every parent - at some time or another - deals with behavior issues from at least one of their children.

The range of severity definitely differs from family to family, but when it's happening with your son or daughter, you're not trying to compare levels - it all feels hard when you're in the middle of it.

And, there could be an extra level of difficulty if you're parenting children that are not neurotypical - these behaviors can last a very long time and are not as easily curbed by traditional parenting tools and hacks.

It can be exhausting to say the least.

How do you keep yourself in the parenting game without apathy?
How do you extend your child grace?
How do you extend it to yourself?

In Episode #3 of The Parenting Well Series, my friend and Post Adoption Parenting Coach Melissa Corkum and I chat about the nuances of parenting challenging behaviors, and how the brain science around nervous system care can be your best friend when applying  it to your parenting, as well as to your own well being.

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