The Refreshed Moms Podcast

Trusting God in the Slower Seasons

February 25, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 11 Episode 204
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Trusting God in the Slower Seasons
Show Notes

If you're feeling like you're not moving as fast as you desire with your business, revenue, or ministry goals, this episode is exactly for you.

I'm interrupting the Parenting Well Podcast Series to share this short but important message on how God is in  your slow movement.

Moving faster and achieving big things in short periods of time is the way of our culture.

"My kid was reading at 3 years old!"

"I lost the baby weight 1 month after giving birth!"

"My business made $100k in its first year!"

"I ran a mile in 6 minutes!"

We celebrate and validate fast often.

But sometimes, God asks us for slower movement, slower pace, and smaller bite-sized goals along the way.

Guess what - he's just as powerful in the slow seasons as he is in the faster ones (if not more).

In this short solo episode, I want to encourage you if you're in a season of slow - you know, the one where you feel like your kids won't let you be great because you can't get anything done with them around... or the one where you think your business should be making more money by now than it actually is... or possibly there's something you've been trusting God for for awhile and it feels like he's not even listening - that kinda season.

God is all up in the slow, my friend. I hope this message encourages you to stay the course, and celebrate how your life of obedience to one small thing at a time reflects your faithfulness.
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