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The Parenting Well Series - Meaningful Connections at the Dinner Table with Marie Fiebach

March 04, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 11 Episode 205
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
The Parenting Well Series - Meaningful Connections at the Dinner Table with Marie Fiebach
Show Notes

Meal planning and execution have long been a stressor for me (how about you?).

Heated discussions have been had, tears have been shed, and I've often been left with a long grocery list of (what felt like) demands from all the players in my home regarding how they want to be fed.

In some way, I was going to wave my magic wand to create dinners that reflected every one's preferences and dietary needs - every night.

Listen, if you have this magic wand, please throw me the Amazon link, cause it's as good as bought.

But, if you're more like I was - a frustrated, tearful mess staring at the Instacart screen trying to make dinner happen for my lovely family - and happen quickly, cause my life is really full and spending long hours in the kitchen is just not realistic these days - I see you.

And I want to help you turn what currently feels stressful into opportunities for deep connection with your children at the dinner table.

I'm chatting with my friend and Meal Planning Ninja Marie Fiebach of Feed Your Family Tonight about how we can eliminate meal planning stress and approach it from a more refreshing space, as well as the ways we've used the dinner meal to nurture and gently parent our children in what has now become a safe conversation oasis for us all.

What you'll hear:

  • Why are family dinners important to us.
  • How Marie manages family dinner with busy schedules for all and picky eaters.
  • How to foster a culture of stability and connection around the family dinner table.
  • And of course, some simple meal planning hacks that could possibly save your sanity. LOL.


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