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Raising Strong-Willed "Cactus Kids" with Wendy Snyder

May 27, 2022 Deanna Mason & Wendy Snyder Season 11 Episode 211
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Raising Strong-Willed "Cactus Kids" with Wendy Snyder
Show Notes

Oh friends, you're in for such a treat.

If you're raising a human, I'm telling you, this episode is for you.

And if that human happens to be strong-willed, opinionated, seemingly stubborn, and possibly difficult to parent... (ha, join the club), the Holy Spirit wants to meet you here.

God did not make a mistake with the temperament of your child. He has a plan for it, and guess what? He wants to help you parent this gift of a kid that you have.

But no matter if your son or daughter is easy breezy to deal with or you find yourself feeling  like ringing their little necks - daily, God knows who they are and has kingdom purpose for how they've been crafted (just ask Apostle Paul).

In this episode, I'm talking with mom, family life coach and Positive Parenting educator Wendy Snyder about raising what she calls "cactus kids." You know, the ones that keep you bumping into their sharp edges all. the. time. Those edges can be smoothed out (or maybe yours can), and Wendy is the perfect gift of a woman to help you do it.

You can grab Wendy's free guide to raising strong willed kids HERE.

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