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Restful Work Series - Episode #1: Understanding Your Time

June 17, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 12 Episode 212
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Restful Work Series - Episode #1: Understanding Your Time
Show Notes

Today begins my  4-part podcast series called "Restful Work."

Since preparing and recording my new course "A Mom's Guide to Sabbath Rest," which I'm publishing within the Refreshed Moms Sabbath Rest Community, my perspectives around work have completely shifted.

There is a such thing as restful work, and I'm convinced this way of working is available to everyone - from the rich to the marginalized.

The more we grow in God, the more the mysteries of his kingdom life are revealed - he's not trying to keep things from us. He's trying to get his goodness to us.

And learning how to work in partnership with him - exchanging toil for burdens and yokes that are easy and light - is where restful work begins.

In Episode #1 of the Restful Work Series, I'm sharing my thoughts around how important it is to understand the impact our time has on whether we're feeling overcommitted or rested. 

The fact is, we all misuse it time sometimes, and the reality is that time is just so short -  I think God is very interested in how we're stewarding it.

I hope this episode encourages you to do less of the things that don't even matter in the scope of life, and do more of the things that do.

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