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Restful Work Series - Episode #2: Understanding Your Capacity

June 24, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 12 Episode 213
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Restful Work Series - Episode #2: Understanding Your Capacity
Show Notes

In episode 1 of this series, I talked about understanding your time and that the fact that it is finite and limited. Each day has 24 hours to work with, and one day our days will literally be complete.

Capacity - although limited as well - has another characteristic to consider, which is that it changes.

Day by day.
Season by season.
Year by year.

We don't have the same productive energy all the time, because our productivity is impacted by both foreseen and unexpected variables - all the time.

So how do we know whether we should push through depleting capacity in order to get work done or to recognize we are running on (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ) fumes and need to pause to honor our human limits (and rest) instead?

Oh it can be a tangled web of capacity considerations as we lead in multiple roles each day, but I believe we can become self-aware enough to both get good work done and rest well.

And I'm sharing my thoughts about it in this episode.

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