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Restful Work Series - Episode #4: Understanding Your Need for Help

July 29, 2022 Deanna Mason Season 12 Episode 215
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Restful Work Series - Episode #4: Understanding Your Need for Help
Show Notes

Listen to me: You Need Help.

Yes you do.

I have yet to find a mom who is leading in multiple areas of life (work, business, ministry, homeschool, etc.) who doesn't need help in some kind of way.

But the problem is, we're not very good about asking for it.

We're really good with going down with the ship, but we're challenged when it comes to accepting a life vest.

It's a problem.

Here's the thing: You were not created to go at it alone. You're not even built for it.


And sometimes, you're the one who is giving the help. It's a beautiful rhythm that God anticipated his creation would experience, and his desire is for us to not have one need among us (can you even fathom this?).

There was a time where I thought the modern church could never live up to the call of supportive, helpful community, but my heart is different now. It is possible. And in this last episode of the Restful Work Series, I'm sharing my thoughts on why you need help in order to do the very work God is requiring of you - as a mom, as a leader, as a women who loves Jesus.

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