The Refreshed Moms Podcast

#157 My Story of Burnout

December 01, 2020 Deanna Mason Season 6 Episode 157
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#157 My Story of Burnout
Show Notes

So, I haven't always been a Refreshed Mom.

In my early years of entrepreneurship, I didn't have any skill set developed around caring for myself.

I had one factory setting, and that was GO.

I worked really hard to produce good work, but I personally was not good. I was out of shape, exhausted, overcommitted with my time, exhausted, doing a less-than-stellar job at homeschooling, exhausted...

You get the picture.

And, of course, I eventually hit the brick wall of burnout.

In this episode, I'm sharing all about my experience with business burnout, how I recovered from it, and why Refreshed Moms exists today.

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