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#159 How Gender Roles Influence Your Rest with Lisa Bush

December 15, 2020 Deanna Mason Season 6 Episode 159
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#159 How Gender Roles Influence Your Rest with Lisa Bush
Show Notes

Here's a fun fact for you:

Did you know that according to a study completed in Canada, moms work an average of 17.5 of unpaid hours more a week than dads?

All the diapers, bathing, hair combing, cooking, feeding, laundry, dishes, errands, dropping kids off and picking them up...

It all adds up.

So, it's no wonder we're so often exhausted, not knowing how to rest.

The question, however, is this: how do we decrease a few of those unpaid hours?

In this episode, my guest Lisa Bush Working Mom Wellness dives right in to talk about how gender roles influence the wellness practices of moms, and how to make more room for the rest we need.

Favorite Quote: "If we actually draw from the full talents of women in the workforce and the full talents of men at home, we all benefit." ~Sheryl Sandberg

What you'll hear:

  • How Lisa began her work around helping teachers focus on their wellness so that they can be their best for their students.
  • How gender roles impact our ability to rest.
  • Why it's so important to move your task list from out of your head and into healthy conversation with your spouse.
  • What to do when your spouse doesn't understand how you need to be supported.

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