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#169 Automate Your Life - Making Dinner for a Dollar with Shelly Longenecker

March 09, 2021 Deanna Mason Season 7 Episode 169
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#169 Automate Your Life - Making Dinner for a Dollar with Shelly Longenecker
Show Notes

Last year I was determined to find a way to save time with my cooking and all that goes with it.

Shopping, whole food choices, diets and preferences... it all takes a toll on you when you're considering the unique needs of every family member.

So, when I was putting together the Automate Your Life Series, I knew I wanted to tackle meal planning. And the first person I thought about to bring on was my friend Shelly.

In this episode, wife, mom, and author Shelly Longenecker is sharing her amazing approach to meal planning and how she feeds her family safe whole-food options for only $1 a person per meal.

She's magical.

And making room for healthy eating is even more vital for her in this season as she bravely battles cancer and the treatments that go with that fight.

It's an amazing episode, worth every minute of your time, and God's sweet grace and love drips through it all.

What you'll hear:

  • Shelly's personal experience with rest while she prioritizes her health and makes room for work and family.
  • The top 3 resources every person has and how they apply to our choices around meal planning.
  • Of course, we discuss meal planning hacks and what's currently working for our families.
  • Why saving money may or may not be the most important thing you need to do in regards to planning simple, healthy meals.
  • How you can make dinner for $1!

Learn more about Shelly's course Dinner for a Dollar by clicking here.

I'm an affiliate with Shelly's course, which means if you decide to purchase it, she'll send me a little bit of $ love.
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