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#170 Nurturing Your Faith While Parenting with Emily Manginelli

March 16, 2021 Deanna Mason, Emily Manginelli Season 7 Episode 170
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#170 Nurturing Your Faith While Parenting with Emily Manginelli
Show Notes

"If only I had more hours in my day."

Sometimes we think that having more time would solve the problem of feeling like we never have enough of it.

There are things we can do to eliminate time wasters in order to create more margin - I mean, that was the entire point of this current podcast season.

But, if I could remove just one thing from your life in order to make this easier for you, it would be this: feeling guilty about the amounts of time you spend with God.

Feeling inconsistent about nurturing faith - this is one of the number one challenges women in the Refreshed Moms community say they have.

Although I think the most important priority believers have is taking regular time to listen to God's voice via Bible study and prayer, we also need to give ourselves a whole lot more grace when it comes to how this actually looks day to day.

In this last episode of my Automate Your Life Series, I'm chatting with my friend and pastor Emily Manginelli about what motherhood looks like for her in the midst of living a life committed to ministry, and how she reconciles her busy schedule, the responsibilities of parenting, her call to pastoral leadership, and how spiritual rest through prayer and Bible study fits into it all.

What you'll hear:

  • The part sabbath rest plays in Emily's life, and how it translates for her and her family.
  • She discusses the tension between being both a good pastor and a good mom.
  • Why God’s grace is not a reminder of our shortcomings and imperfections.
  • We banter around the idea of how showing up imperfectly may be exactly what God wants in order for you to learn true faith in him.
  • And so many other amazing nuggets - truly, it was such a rich conversation.

In this episode, I reference episode #149 on Creating a Sabbath Rest Practice - you can listen to that here.

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