The Refreshed Moms Podcast

#171 You Don't Have to Understand to Move Forward

March 30, 2021 Deanna Mason Season 8 Episode 171
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
#171 You Don't Have to Understand to Move Forward
Show Notes

"You don't have to understand where you're going in order to take a step forward."

This phrase has been in my heart for a few days now.

I'm looking at several different things happening simultaneously in my life that I absolutely have no control over, but require 100% of my faith.

But the Type A in me wants control. 

I want to know exactly what I'm signing up for AHEAD of time.

I want my way - always.

And you know what, that's not how the Kingdom of God works.

And it absolutely isn't faith.

In this solo episode, I'm sharing about how even in the midst of limited natural understanding, we can live in peace and keep taking steps forward.

Because that's exactly how faith works.
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