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Women Who Lead Series - Women in Ministry with Phil Manginelli

August 26, 2021 Deanna Mason & Phil Manginelli Season 9 Episode 184
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Women Who Lead Series - Women in Ministry with Phil Manginelli
Show Notes

I grew up in a church where women were not recognized as ministers.

They could lead Sunday School and Children's Church, but were not licensed or ordained as ministers.

Unless it was Women's Day or Mother's Day, you would never see a woman teaching in the pulpit.

Then a funny thing happened in my 20's - I felt like God was calling me into ministry... as a teacher of his word.

But I asked myself, "Do women do things like that? Could this really be God or am I making this up?"

If you're a woman who feels called by God into teaching and sharing God's word to the world - not just to women and children...

Or you're someone wondering if there's a such thing as God calling women into ministry such as this...

Then this episode is for you.

My friend and pastor Phil Manginelli is taking us through two of the most controversial scriptures regarding women and the church, and invites us to spend our own time diving into the words of Paul to the early church as he writes letters to govern their Christ-likeness.

No matter what side of the theology coin you're on, as long as we can agree that we just want to follow Jesus the best we can, then we're in this journey together.

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