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Why Morning & Evening Routines Work - REMIX EDITION

October 14, 2021 Deanna Mason & Kelly Burton Season 9 Episode 191
The Refreshed Moms Podcast
Why Morning & Evening Routines Work - REMIX EDITION
Show Notes

What a joy to share this episode again with the Refreshed Moms Community - it's one of the top 5 downloaded episodes, and I recorded it with my dear friend and fiction author Kelly Burton of Kell of a Story.

Why in the world should anyone desire morning or evening routines? Kelly and I believe routines and rituals are key tools in setting our days -- and in maintaining work-life integration and balance, especially in the lives of moms who lead in multiple roles. We're going to walk you through how we create and maintain daily practices, for morning or for evening, and how these habits help us accomplish goals and hold space for the unexpected.

This is not always easy. In fact, this is the second time we attempted to capture this subject when we recording it for the Refreshed Life Podcast! I simplified my morning routine and vastly cut down the number of items I was trying to accomplish as a result. 

Kelly and I both agree that routines help us be more positive, allow us space to process what is weighing heavily on us, focus us toward gratefulness, and even give us energy for the day ahead (or peace for a good night’s sleep!)

What we discuss - don’t miss it! 

  • How Kelly went from “We don’t need routines” to “We failed without routines.”
  • The spiritual rewards of rituals, and how prayer looks different depending on our seasons.
  • How our routines can help us so much that even our children notice we are better for them.
  • Why having routines in place help us to shift when unexpected needs arise.
  • How to start and end your day with structure in order to keep you focused.
  • How journals and planners can be a strategic part of your routine.


“We need predictable milestones that we can count on every day. We just work better when our minds and our expectations are organized.”

“When you have an intention for your day, you’re much, much more likely to hit the goal.”

“My routines are at the mercy of my neediest child.”

“Our boundaries and routines are not meant to be legalistic. They are there so when a need arises, your habits are strong enough to withstand a deviation.”

“Self-care rituals are designed to make sure your cup continues to overflow.”

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